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ABC logo on building, Melbourne.

$4.2 billion funding win for ABC and SBS but streaming reforms disappoint

More money for public broadcasters is good, but a 5% local quota for streaming services fails to impress.

A light based artwork set in a dark room with a person silhouetted

Young Australians see the arts as ‘inseparable’ from their lives

Involved in digital with less distinction between artforms, a new report from A New Approach challenges assumptions about young arts…


Game devs get a path to permanent residency with visa win

Multimedia specialist and software engineer are among 22 new roles included on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List, which offers…


Brits blind to cultural assault by international streamers

While the Australian government gets the vapours about regulating streaming companies, the EU and the UK go in boots and…


ALP goes ballistic about the arts in Parliament, signals trouble for the government

The new regulations which strip advantages from the tax rebate system will have to go to Parliament, and the ALP…


Unionisation for freelancers: why is it worth it?

Here’s what GWU Australia is doing to make freelance and precarious labourers a priority, and how people in other fields…

Opinions & Analysis

Behind Amazon Prime's billion dollar buyout of MGM

Amazon's approach to streaming is not really about streaming at all. It's another part of the retail giant's multi-pronged approach…


Victoria to get $288 million to support arts sector following challenging 2020

Victoria’s creative industries will see some relief in the form of a $288 million investment from the State Government in…


How does the Digital Games Offset fit into Australia's screen incentives?

Is a $500k minimum spend punishingly high? Is a 30% offset enough? What's different for film and TV? Game developers,…

Opinions & Analysis

Budget 2021: useful money and dangerous holes for the screen sector

The 2021-22 budget costs the tax rebate changes and provides useful piecemeal support to fix the Covid blow, but government…

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