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The Boy and The Heron review: Miyazaki's masterful return to form

The Boy and The Heron is Hayao Miyazaki's most daring and vulnerable work yet, signalling a welcome return to form…


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off review: Netflix animation gives hero's journey an extra life

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a surprising rehash of the hero's journey, serving as both an alternative and a complimentary…


The Artful Dodger, Disney+ review: leaves us wanting more

Jack Dawkins (the Dodger) is now living in Australia as a respectable surgeon in this spin-off of Oliver Twist ...…

Marshmallow Laser Feast. Image is three silhouettes in front of a large image of a galaxy like world covering an entire wall.

Exhibition review: Works of Nature: Marshmallow Laser Feast, ACMI

A trippy excursion into a world of swirling pixels has profound intent in ACMI's Marshmallow Laser Feast.


Godzilla Minus One review: roar and emotional

Godzilla Minus One goes back to the Kaiju's origins, and in doing so rewrites the myth to include more Japanese…


Faraway Downs review: Baz Luhrmann lands his Australia re-do

The 2008 film has been reimagined and recut into six episodes, giving what was an already epic story (even) more…


The Way We Wore, ABC review: fashion is the political

Celeste Barber hosts a thoughtful three-part series about the way fashion shapes our lives.


The Royal Hotel Review: a dead-set Australian classic

Misogyny and an unerring sense of menace inform Kitty Green’s wrong-footing outback thriller.


Plausible Deniability review: Australian web series is worth the buzz

Three tweens take high-profile Australians to task as part of a homeless documentary, and it's a snort-fest.


Scrublands, Stan review: it delivers the goods

The new Australian series, based on Chris Hammer's bestselling crime novel, is a solidly entertaining mystery.

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