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Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed review – 'rotting from the head down'

The series builds an image of an organisation tapping vulnerable congregants while evading responsibility for the suffering it causes.


ABC's You Can’t Ask That: why are bogans shown as marginalised Australians?

The national broadcaster doesn’t see 'bogans' as part of their natural viewing audience – guess it has been 20 years…


A Perfect Pairing review: love on an Aussie sheep farm

Slightly woolly or warm and fuzzy? Netflix puts the rom into this com by Australian ex-pat director Australian Stuart McDonald.

A man (Tom Cruise) in profile agains the backdrop of a fighter jet

Top Gun Maverick review: a Tom Cruise vehicle that sputters

The rebooted 80s classic is joyous return rather than a new start – but the reunion of Cruise and Val…


Conversations with Friends review: Rooney's second small-screen sally

Hopes were high after the TV adaptation of Rooney's bestseller Normal People ... So how does the adaptation of her…

A searing pain from the past cuts deep into the present. Image: Fan Force.

Little Tornadoes review: Christos Tsiolkas co-writes a rewarding film

Aaron Wilson’s emotionally complex feature explores the long shadow of war in 1970s Australia.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness review: nearly magic

Director Sam Raimi leads Benedict Cumberbatch and other actors through a Marvel film with a number of marvellous moments.


The Drover's Wife review: a terrific Outback Western

Writer-director Leah Purcell casts fresh eyes on the dangers a woman alone might face in nineteenth-century colonial Australia.


Downton Abbey: A New Era review: this feels like a farewell tour

Beautiful interiors, romantic intrigue, endless rituals of dinners, parties and balls – nothing lasts forever ...

Easy answers give way to complicated and confronting questions. Image: A24.

After Yang review: a remarkable vision of humanity

American-based filmmaker Kogonada (Columbus) spins a fascinating take on an age-old obsession in this beautifully melancholic film.

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