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rejection. image is of a woman with dark hair and her face covered by her hands as she deals with creative rejection.

9 ways to help you deal with creative rejection

Hearing "no" is never easy but recovering from rejection is a necessary part of the artist’s life. Here are some…

mental health. A small group of people face away towards a chairlift with their arms around each other supporting each other.
Opinions & Analysis

Mental health is a human right: we’re talking about a revolution

World Mental Health Day is a chance to question the systems that undermine human happiness and creativity.

Opinions & Analysis

ABC TV's new arts program: here's our wish list

What would the team at ArtsHub and ScreenHub like to see featured in the national broadcaster's new arts program?


Is the ABC's new TV arts show a 'cynical make-good'?

Can the ABC’s newly announced TV program reverse the degraded coverage of the arts on the national broadcaster?

Career Advice

Mental health for creative people: five tips to thrive

Aimee Davies, founder of The Hey Mate Project, understands the unique mental health challenges for those in the arts and…

Education & Student News

Training cultural leaders to shape the nation

NIDA’s Master of Fine Arts Cultural Leadership ensures participants are prepared to play an active role in framing and guiding…

Company Announcements

Over 40 diverse writers join ArtsHub’s Amplify Collective

The Amplify Collective will platform talented writers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, enabling them to share their voices.

Opinions & Analysis

What I’ve learned creating a Cultural Safety Document

Cultural safety is an ongoing commitment and it takes more than one person or document to get it right.

Education & Student News

Making animated science films for kids with or without autism

Dr Rina Fu's cartoon series helps bring the world of science, technology and art to ALL students.

Career Advice

How to find an arts or screen mentor – and make the most of it when you do

From structured programs to coffee dates with mates, how do you find the right mentor and get the most out…

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