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The Chestnut Man: Season 1

With a politician's child missing, two detectives must track down a killer with only one key clue to go on…

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BMF: Season 1

Drug trafficking drama inspired by the true story of two Detroit brothers in the late '80s who rose up the…

on netflix, breaking bad is apparently the most regarded title

What are most respected shows on Netflix? And how come Japan has the most of them?

Clever numbers reveal the most honoured shows on Netflix. Top of the list is Breaking Bad, loved all round the…


Cast announced for Queensland Netflix series 'Irreverent'

Australian talent for the 10-part fish-out-of water drama includes Kylie Bracknell, Ed Oxenbould and Wayne Blair.

Four men stand beside a football pitch in Ted Lasso
Opinions & Analysis

You should watch... Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

In the blokey world of football, Ted Lasso offers a different kind of masculinity - and showcases sterotype-busting women too.

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New Amsterdam: Season 4

The popular heart-on-its-sleeve medical drama enters its fourth season, following the events of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The Morning Show: Season 2

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon return to the media hustle drama as morning television presenters Alex and Bradley, now faced with…

White walkers in Game of Thrones, a big win for streaming
Opinions & Analysis

Covid, streaming, and linear TV – Who's winning? We hunt the numbers

Dinosaur death battle? Triumph of the scavengers? New data sources track the fight for eyeballs in Covid.

Levi Miller in Streamline

Film Review: Streamline on Stan goes for gold

Tyson Wade Johnston's strong debut explores the weight of expectations placed on young Australian swimmers.

the car from driver, soon to be a tv show from ubisoft film and television

Ubisoft Film and Television reveal 'Driver' live-action series for new streaming platform 'Binge'

A new streaming service will soon offer game-related premium programming. The company behind Mythic Quest have signed on for the…

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