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Andrew Scott in Ripley. Image: Netflix.
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Is Tom Ripley gay? Netflix's adaptation keeps it ambiguous

The Ripley villain in the Netflix series is just as unknowable as Patricia Highsmith wrote him.

Opinions & Analysis

The Gentlemen on Netflix: why do ‘gentlemen’ still fascinate us?

Guy Ritchie's latest crime series draws on a powerful male archetype. Psychology explains how it works.

Opinions & Analysis

Disney+: Shōgun reimagines 1980 series for a new generation of viewers

From novel to 1980s miniseries, and now a prestige remake for FX and Disney+, Shōgun has had quite the journey.

Opinions & Analysis

Why Australians love going to the cinema

'I love the cinema experience. It’s a bonding experience, if it’s good it’s an emotional and cathartic experience.'

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Couple to Throuple: polyamory is primed for mainstream TV

Promising three times the fun, feelings and drama, what can we expect from this dating series flirting with non-monogamy?

Opinions & Analysis

Studying two decades of queer representation on Australian TV

Gender-diverse and sexually-diverse stories in Australian TV have changed a lot over two decades.

Opinions & Analysis

Four Daughters is a Tunisian masterpiece – what makes the film groundbreaking?

Delve into the story behind Four Daughters – a critically lauded documentary about a family versus an extremist group.

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Anatomy of a Fall is a critique of anti-feminist backlash

With sexism on the rise in France, Anatomy of a Fall examines the role of motherhood and domestic labour in…

Opinions & Analysis

The Zone of Interest: new Holocaust film powerfully lays bare the mechanisms of genocide

The Zone of Interest uses alienation from its central horror to make it one of the most unsettling holocaust films…

Opinions & Analysis

Godzilla Minus One offers an insight into the complexity of Japan’s war memories

The human cost of war is the real villain of the Oscar nominated Godzilla Minus One,

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