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Flourishing in the arts is about meaning, mastery and mattering

Committing ourselves to the path of flourishing may sound like an impossible ask – but it's not.

Career Advice

Want to be an Intimacy Coordinator? Meet Akala Newman

ICs work with actors' boundaries, exposure limits and wellbeing concerns so they can perform intimate and vulnerable scenes safely.

Career Advice

Creatives need clarity of mind – here's how to get it

Without clarity you’re directionless and progress is hard. Emmy and AACTA Award-winning producer turned creative sector executive coach Ellenor Cox…

Career Advice

Want to be a director? Erin Good says 'get a side hustle'

The screenwriter and director says if you want to direct in Australia, you have to keep making things and observing…

Career Advice

Paddy MacRae, showrunner: 'Start by making a killer cup of tea'

The showrunner life is made up of early starts, late nights, and not a lot of free time. But it's…

Letting go can help with hanging on. Image: Shutterstock.
Career Advice

Creatives: control what you can and can what you can't

Identify those things that are within your control and those that are not.

Don't be the world's best-kept secret. Image: Shutterstock.
Career Advice

Creatives – try the Know, Like, Trust framework for success

When building work contacts, why not try an approach that champions both strategy and humanity?

Career Advice

Screen Team: Animatronics director Paul Trefry

Our new career Q&A series kicks off with Paul Trefry's insight into being an animatronics artist.

A woman hugs her knees on a hillside, she is seen from behind.
Career Advice

Self-compassion and creatives – a beginner's guide

Kindness for ourselves is one of the best ways to self-motivate – so why don't we do it more?

CEO Cathy Payne. Photo: Banijay Rights.

Cathy Payne, Banijay Rights CEO: the eight rules for TV finance and distribution

'If we do not protect and fight for our local industry, who will?' Payne asked at this week's Hector Crawford…

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