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Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed review – 'rotting from the head down'

The series builds an image of an organisation tapping vulnerable congregants while evading responsibility for the suffering it causes.

Opinions & Analysis

Bechdel, Sexy Lamp, Vito Russo, Riz – which test is best?

The people we’re asked to empathise with on screen are still overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, male and pale.


Sexism in Australian film tackled by trailblazing female panel

Women currently make up around 34% of producers, 16% of directors and 24% of writers in Australian feature films.


Three Thousand Years of Longing: trailer

The wait is over: George Miller's new film starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton has at last revealed a trailer.


Very Short Film Festival announces winners

The winners of the competition win cash prizes and mentorship opportunities with screen professionals.


Thor: Love and Thunder – new trailer

Taika Waititi's Marvel film finds Thor on a journey unlike anything he’s ever faced – a search for self-discovery.


How to Please a Woman makes nearly a million in opening week

Renee Webster's Australian sex comedy has overcome performance anxiety, launching successfully in tough conditions.


Ablaze: with Australia's first Aboriginal filmmaker, Bill Onus

Academic, advocate, singer and filmmaker Tiriki Onus discusses the film made by his grandfather William 'Bill' Onus and the documentary…

Opinions & Analysis

How to Please a Woman review: sex work comedy with ups and downs

Set in Western Australia, Renee Webster's debut feature film celebrates the humanity and dignity of everyone involved.


The Dry film gets a sequel and it's a Force of Nature

The team behind the box-office hit adaptation of Jane Harper's book will return for the second feature film.

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