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Doctor Who at 60: a psychologist weighs in

A psychologist explains who and what makes a good Tardis travelling companion in the long-running Doctor Who series.

Opinions & Analysis

Napoleon: busting myths in the new Ridley Scott movie

Did Napoleon really fire at the pyramids? A historian explains the truth behind the legends of Ridley Scott’s biopic.

Opinions & Analysis

Scarygirl tells a story of human-nature connection through Australian animation

Scarygirl, in cinemas now, emulates a toy aesthetic to teach kids about the natural world and the need for human-nature…

mental health. A small group of people face away towards a chairlift with their arms around each other supporting each other.
Opinions & Analysis

Mental health is a human right: we’re talking about a revolution

World Mental Health Day is a chance to question the systems that undermine human happiness and creativity.

Opinions & Analysis

ABC TV's new arts program: here's our wish list

What would the team at ArtsHub and ScreenHub like to see featured in the national broadcaster's new arts program?

Career Advice

We need to talk about money in the arts

Having open conversations about what we earn and how we manage money is the only way to a richer arts…

Opinions & Analysis

Good Omens: why are Terry Pratchett's books so difficult to adapt to the screen?

There have been 11 small screen adaptations of Pratchett’s work in 32 years – but none yet for the silver…

Opinions & Analysis

The creativity of William Friedkin: from arthouse to Oscars

American director William Friedkin, once a crucial driver of New Hollywood in the 70s, has died at 87 years of…

Opinions & Analysis

Film camera departments – what happens when you're not part of the in-group?

Latest industry research reveals inequitable power dynamics behind the camera on Australian film sets are pernicious and persistent.

Opinions & Analysis

10 years of homegrown horror: Talk To Me signals a golden age

Are we witnessing a new golden age of Aussie horror? Jessica Balanzategui says yes.

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