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The best agitation is about awareness

A new NAVA campaign targeting our politicians aims to reposition arts and culture at the forefront of the national conversation.

Career Advice

How to make ideas happen

Three creative entrepreneurs – the founders of Parlour Gigs, Underground Cinema and Envato – share how they got started; how…


How to attract audiences: a radical rethink

Arts organisations are ‘snow blind’ with demographic data that fails to explain what really makes audiences buy tickets. There is…

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Hitting the road to get regional support right

Create NSW is hitting the road, pulling up a chair and sharing a cuppa with artists and arts workers, to…

Opinions & Analysis

We need a national day for the arts

Australia has public holidays for agricultural shows, football finals and a horse race. Why don't the arts have a public…

Opinions & Analysis

What creative arts stand to lose from ABC RN cuts

The ABC's decision to ‘de-commission’ music, features & creative content on Radio National has far-reaching implications for Australian culture.


Why you should embrace erotic art

The distinction between the high art nude and the dark alley pornographer has been replaced by an appreciation of multicultural…


Last tango with ethics

Revelations this week about the filming of The Last Tango in Paris raise broader issues for the ethics of hoodwinking…

Opinions & Analysis

Why feminists should pay attention to Men's Rights Activists

Men's Rights activists claim feminists have too much power. Censoring them feeds into the anger and hate.

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Virtual reality training no longer a fantasy

Academy Xi are emerging as leaders in the digital education realm, fostering innovation and addressing technological skills shortages.

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