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Spoilers, secrets and spies

Publishers and film sets are ramping up security as it becomes harder to avoid spoilers.


Reading, ‘riting and swiping: the creative cost

Digital media now dictates a child's initial experience of literature, art and - most worryingly - often creative discovery.


Art industry apps you should have

From festivals and street art tours to event listings and orchestral insights, there’s an arts industry app out there for…


Harnessing the arts voice at election time

A public forum brings the arts sector together to find a unified voice in order to amplify the voice of…


Inspire60: Ghenoa Gela

VIDEO: We all need a little inspiration. Inspire60, ArtsHub's new video series brings you a regular 60 seconds of inspiration…


Ambitious vision for creative industries in Victoria

The Creative Industries Taskforce has delivered 42 recommendations for a better-funded creative sector delivering economic and social benefits.


Learning from reality television

The arts used to pursue cultural popularity but decry popular culture. Not any more.

Career Advice

Writing for the boxed set

Television writing is sometimes seen as a poor cousin to book writing. But the present surge in televisual storytelling makes…


Welcoming phones in the theatre

Technology is giving audiences back their voice, prompting some theatre companies to embrace their digital critics.

Opinions & Analysis

How to create a disability action plan

Diversifying both audiences and the artist base can be helped by an effective disability action plan.

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