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Audience Development


Chief eXperience Officer: a 21st Century job title

ACMI believes it is the first in the world to appoint a Chief eXperience Officer, a position designed to reimagine…


Fix the most common arts marketing mistake

Try this simple exercise and you could turn around ineffective promotion of your next show, book or exhibition.


Why digital isn't killing the cinema star

Far from killing film festivals, digital exposure may be growing audiences willing to try something different.


Being there: ArtsHub2015

The ArtsHub Conference brings the arts sector’s online hub alive for a day. To explain why that matters we asked…


Inspirational conference returns for arts professionals

Last year's inaugural ArtsHub conference was so successful, subscribers have demanded a regular event.


How to turn a chat into an opportunity

Conversation equals wealth if you know how to leverage casual encounters into marketing opportunities.


How tech is disrupting the art world

Technology makes everyone a creative with a distribution network so where does that leave the professionals?


Untangling the enigma of audiences choices

You already know the demography of your audiences but do you understand why it is skewed? The equation is complex.

Opinions & Analysis

The truth about streaming

Artists don't make much money from Spotify, but that doesn't mean we should all follow Taylor Swift's lead and quit.

Opinions & Analysis

Embracing the elusive

Following widespread reaction to the powerful contention that art should disturb not please, we publish Leysen's full speech.

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