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Thor: Love and Thunder – new trailer

Taika Waititi's Marvel film finds Thor on a journey unlike anything he’s ever faced – a search for self-discovery.


A Perfect Pairing review: love on an Aussie sheep farm

Slightly woolly or warm and fuzzy? Netflix puts the rom into this com by Australian ex-pat director Australian Stuart McDonald.

A searing pain from the past cuts deep into the present. Image: Fan Force.

Little Tornadoes review: Christos Tsiolkas co-writes a rewarding film

Aaron Wilson’s emotionally complex feature explores the long shadow of war in 1970s Australia.


Very Short Film Festival announces very short shortlist

The winners, who receive mentorship from filmmakers Justin Kurzel and Leah Purcell, will be announced later this month.


20 Instagram accounts film and cinema lovers should follow

From mise-en-scène to colour palettes to dialogue, there's an Instagram account for movie lovers of all kinds.


Bollywood Downunder doco appoints Karin Steininger as editor

The forthcoming documentary will be distributed in ANZ and UK by Forum Films.

A Wild West myth of Australia persists even now. Image: Paramount.

Crocodile Dun-don't: confessions of an Australian film critic abroad

‘Australian art cinema' is a concept many overseas programmers have a hard time understanding – or even believing.

Peter Weir's 1981 film Gallipoli is 'perhaps the single most influential text on Anzac'. image: Associated R&R Films.

How Anzac movies fuel the Anzac myth, then and now

Australia's Anzac story has been greatly influenced by cinema, as these films show.


Want to be a film producer? Meet Maggie Miles

The Paper Planes and Van Diemen's Land producer says: 'It’s just tenacity.'

Family in car with intense signed conversation

CODA deserved the Oscar as a tribute to its process

CODA is a 'fabulous celebration of difference' – David Tiley reflects on a lifetime of hearing impairment and how it…

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