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Stan will gain Sony's extensive streaming catalogue in new partnership

The move means new scripted dramas, an extension of rights for Breaking Bad, and a new home for blockbuster movies…


Heartbreak High 2022: Netflix releases trailer

The reimagined 90s high school series promises an up-to-date take on the format that made the original a global hit.


The Serpent Queen on Stan: Trailer

Starring Samantha Morton, the series is based on Leonie Frieda’s book Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France.


Disney+: The Clearing, Australian series, cast announcements

Teresa Palmer, Miranda Otto and Guy Pearce lead the cast in the forthcoming Disney+ series inspired by Australian cult The…


Dancing on Glass: ballet is more than 'dying swans and madmen'

We love the genre but are ballet dancer’s voices and bodies being authentically represented on our screens?


Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – new trailer

Before Bilbo and Frodo bandied the all-powerful ring about Middle-earth, Galadriel and pals were fighting the rise of evil.


Black Panther, She-Hulk & Captain America lead new Marvel slate

Marvel stakes its claim to the next three years of your attention span with this show-stopping slate of new projects…

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Ms. Marvel vs the angry fanboys? Forget 'woke' and go back to sleep

Yes, Ms. Marvel has a lot of firsts and is groundbreaking for a superhero story, but the premise is simple…

Opinions & Analysis

Persuasion on Netflix isn't entirely bad – really

We are clearly watching Anne’s own telling of her story: her own fantasy of being a playful, adorkable rom-com heroine.


Netflix to acquire Australian animation house Animal Logic

The deal will see Australian animators working on new and original Netflix titles that will stream worldwide.

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