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Screenhub appoints Edmond Tran as Managing Editor

Edmond Tran joins Screenhub bringing more than a decade of experience in screen culture.


Victoria invests over half a million in local videogames

Film Victoria have announced $550k in funding across ten Victorian games through their Assigned Production Investment - Games program.


Screen Forever: late tasties add depth to program

The executive producer of The Queen's Gambit, the Unreal Engine and the Canado-gallic mind behind the Assassin's Creed franchise. What…


Game devs can apply for up to $50k through Creators Fund

Creators Fund offers up to $50k for Victorian-based creatives who want to undertake creative research or professional development. Applications are…


Every Australian and NZ games event happening in 2021, an ongoing list

From esports to indie to industry, here's a rolling list of the games-related events taking place in Australia and New…


IGEA survey shows promising games industry growth, but gender gap remains

COVID has barely touched the growing local game development industry, but IGEA's survey also reveals some stark truths about gender…


Making games for a dying planet

What can videogames contribute to the climate conversation?


Start making games with these code-free tools

Don't let a lack of programming know-how hold you back from developing videogames.


Film Vic announces extra production funding for games

The changes include raising production funding to $300k per project, and waiving applications fees until July 2021.

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You like them and so do we: a sampler of favourite Screenhub stories

Between Covid and the government's determination to back the free enterprise media, the sector has had its toughest year in…

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