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From Twitch streamer to studio lead, Loriipops is changing games culture

Lorien Gugich will bring six years of partnered Twitch streaming, experience in production and community management, and a passion for…


Is violence against virtual animals an ethical issue?

Players can kill, hunt or hurt animals in popular games ranging from Animal Crossing to Grand Theft Auto. The rise…


ACMI renews digital promise in virtual launch

Is the Australian Centre of the Moving Image a place? A Zone? A Cultural Accumulation Machine to defy COVID-19? First…


ACMI's Big Games Night In brings a personal touch to games week

For the first time, Melbourne International Games Week has run completely online, and ACMI have stepped up to the plate…


Australian games industry: one step closer to rebates and sustainability

A sustainable Australian video game industry? Production rebates are a small, important step.


What can SA's Video Game Development Rebate do for local developers?

The SA Video Game Development Rebate, the first of its kind in Australia, is now available to SA devs. What…


How 'Dap' developers went from zero to PAX in two years

In two and a half years, Iris and Paul Anstey went from never having made a game, to having their…

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Night in the Woods captures bittersweet millennial life under COVID-19

Through protagonist Mae, videogame Night in the Woods asks: what will the future hold, if we can’t possibly go back…


What We're Watching: Amazing women on screen

This month the office reflects on productions that star the work of brilliant women, both on and off-screen.


PAX Online: How Film Vic funds games

For PAX online 2020, two reps from Film Vic sat down with devs from Untitled Goose Game, Frog Detective and…

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