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Seeing is no longer believing: The manipulation of online images

A peace sign from Martin Luther King, Jr. becomes a rude gesture; dolphins swim in Venice’s Grand Canal; and crocodiles…


Disability Arts: the last avant-garde?

Is it a movement or a right? A disability-led panel takes the pulse on aligning rhetoric and action when it…

Opinions & Analysis

FACT CHECK: The real impact of the National Institutions Inquiry

A recent Parliamentary Inquiry into Canberra’s national institutions made 20 recommendations. What were they, and were they warranted?

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Artstate Bathurst returns real talk and real outcomes to regional NSW

This festival redresses the balance in where the state’s cultural conversations are held.


Cultural participation: the USA versus Australia

Within a matter of months, two major research studies have been released on cultural participation. How different are they, and…

Opinions & Analysis

Why artists don't have kids

Childlessness is often regarded as a necessary sacrifice for a creative career, especially for women.

Career Advice

When are you too old for your arts jobs?

In the arts, retirement is often not an option.


Why you should embrace erotic art

The distinction between the high art nude and the dark alley pornographer has been replaced by an appreciation of multicultural…


Spoilers, secrets and spies

Publishers and film sets are ramping up security as it becomes harder to avoid spoilers.


Reading, ‘riting and swiping: the creative cost

Digital media now dictates a child's initial experience of literature, art and - most worryingly - often creative discovery.

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