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Doctor Who, Disney+: does more money mean more problems?

Cheapness is baked into the DNA of Doctor Who. It survived for 26 years on the BBC partially because it…


Best streaming films of 2022 (that you haven't seen) – part two

'In this, part two of three, I'm listing the 50 films that took between $100,000 and $500,000 this year, available…


Celeste Barber, Netflix comedy special in 2023

According to the publicity material: 'Barber will be exploring everything from celebrity sex toys to why hot girls can't dance…


Weekend guide: best of streaming, cinema and film festivals 11-13 November

The Christmas content is already hitting your screens, while Warrior Nuns, Tulsa Kings, Cedar Boys and Black Panthers all compete…


Interview with the Vampire is a queer tale about ... journalistic objectivity

When stories are told, the question of who controls the narrative is important – not least when it comes to…

Opinions & Analysis

War films worth watching this Remembrance Day

Wars are sold on the notion of heroism but powered by a tragic and often meaningless loss of life, as…

Opinions & Analysis

Streaming: the best films in 2022 you haven't seen

Nearly 600 films have been released this year in Australia, many of which are now streaming – so which ones…


Stan's Christmas Ransom, with Matt Okine and Miranda Tapsell – trailer

The Australian Xmas film has been described as 'a riotous comedy-adventure packed with heart and hijinks'.

Krystal Klairvoyant TikTok series drops this November

A psychic influencer causes havoc when her spells begin to come true, sending her customer base into a frenzy in…


The Last Year of Television, by Mitch McTaggart, comes to BINGE

In addition to the end-of-year special, McTaggart's six-part comedy series, The Back Side of Television, will also stream on BINGE in…

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