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The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone on Netflix: a fierce trans advocate shines

The film’s mission, beyond Stone's story, is to increase awareness around transgender issues and become an education resource.


Los Espookys is queer and wonderfully weird

The hit Mexican comedy on HBO nails the difference between a queer show, and a show with queer people in…


Heartbreak High, Netflix, review: showing respect, solidarity and consent

The reboot of the 1990s show offers way more than nostalgia – it's fresh and watchable, with characters who aren't…


Axed: TV and streaming shows cancelled in 2022

Paper Girls, First Kill, Space Force and Neighbours are among the surprise TV cancellations this year.

Opinions & Analysis

Dawson casting: Do Revenge on Netflix sees more adults playing teenagers

There's nothing new about adults playing teenagers on TV and in film, but why? Can teenagers just not act?


Ads are coming to Netflix sooner than we thought

Advertising on Netflix has been in the pipeline for some time, and it looks like it's finally ready to go.…


Jedi, Superheroes and Avatars, oh my: D23 major streaming & cinema announcements

A new trailer for Willow, Ant-Man exclusives, and updates on Indiana Jones and Loki are just some of the announcements…


The Serpent Queen review: a period piece that finds its feet in the occult

The Serpent Queen casts a spell on the well-worn period drama genre, but will the magic last?

Career Advice

Why I did a Reality TV show for my arts practice

The only Australian in the Netflix series Blown Away, we talk to Tegan Hamilton on the wins, and pains, of…

Opinions & Analysis

The Last Movie Stars: were Newman and Woodward the end of the line?

George Clooney and Laura Linney stand in for Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in Ethan Hawke's new docuseries on Binge.

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