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Why creative arts experience is valuable to business

Creative arts offers skills business wants but entrepreneurial artists need to understand the differences to make the leap.

Opinions & Analysis

Female-only film festivals should not exist

Ideally we would have no need for festivals that promote women in film, as we would already give them the…

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Nordic drama: what's all the fuss?

On television and in crime fiction, dark Scandinavian dramas are the flavour of the month. But why have they got…

Opinions & Analysis

Creative relaxation: the healing potential of interactive art

BrightHearts is a relaxation training app that translates changes in heart rate into a calming interactive art experiences.

Opinions & Analysis

Is critical dialogue a dying art?

Recent debate on The Conversation serves an opposition between print and online media, but online reviewing deserves a fair go.

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Art is worth less in the age of Spotify – and not just financially

When the consumer can delete at the push of a button royalties are drastically reduced and artistic worth is liquified.

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Twenty minutes to millions

An intermission is all that stands in the way of overseas films maximising their potential in the Indian sub-continent.

Opinions & Analysis

Without independent artists the major arts bodies will die

The arts sector needs to accept responsibility for the inequity on which its success is achieved and not blame it…

Opinions & Analysis

How art changes lives

Becoming an artist can be a liberation, a catharsis, a source of meaning, life satisfaction or existential peace.

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