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The Human Rights Film Festival brims with bodies and the environment

The not-for-profit Human Rights Arts & Film Festival returns this week with an engaging lineup of films and live performances.


Metropolis remake comes to Melbourne

An eight-part series based on the classic sci-fi is being shot in Victoria as part of the Location Incentive.


VicScreen, Paramount and Blackfella Films partner to fast-track screen careers

The Victorian agency has announced two paid internships for early career screen professionals.

Fragrance of the First Flower will enjoy its Australian premiere at the MQFF Mini Festival. Image: Portico Media.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival launches mini program

Some 12 features and documentaries will screen this month for MQFF Mini.

Behind the scenes at the ABC. Image: Julie Peters.

Julie Peters, ABC: trans stories on screen are getting better – at last

Having worked in TV for decades and transitioned in the 90s, Julie Peters is optimistic about the future.


Docklands Studios Melbourne opens new sound stage

Sound Stage 6 includes a soundproof set and a 900,000-litre tank for underwater scenes.


MIFF welcomes back Critics Campus

If you're a budding film critic, don't miss your chance to enter the MIFF Critics Campus mentorship program.

Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson take to the trees in Twilight. Summit Entertainment.

Twilight sets the blood racing even now

Does Catherine Hardwicke's 2008 vampire film stand the test of time? This adoring crowd in Melbourne suggests it does.

Minister Pearson, Caroline Pitcher and Joanna Werner announce changes to Film Victoria.

Film Victoria becomes VicScreen

The name change comes as the agency launches a new production fund and specialist skills program for the state.


Unheard Stories champion Deaf and Hard of Hearing lives

The Unheard Stories film festival aims to challenge misconceptions about people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

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