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ACMI appoints Seb Chan as new Director and CEO

ACMI's former Chief Experience Officer has been appointed to the new role following a 'global search for an inspirational leader'.


Remembering Shirley Barrett: an offbeat and generous Australian director and writer

Barrett passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home in Sydney at age 60, following a battle with metastatic…


ADG announces Director's Cut program 2022

Australia’s only screen director-focused conference will be held in-person in Sydney and live-streamed on 20 August.


Shaun Tan’s Tales from Outer Suburbia to be adapted for TV

'Our intention is to create a playful series, at once fun and thought-provoking, that ignites children’s imaginations,' says author Shaun…


Parenting in the screen age: I want my kids to feel loneliness and boredom

As kids and adults live increasingly through their screens, what messages are we sending to those we love IRL?

Peter Rabbit's friends having fun with vegetables
Opinions & Analysis

Australians are animated by animation with a 'local' anima

Australian audiences are good at finding an underlying national identity in blockbuster films, however tenuous.

People standing in a James Turrell light artwork

ACMI’s latest exhibition unpacks light as both phenomena and subject

ACMI's new light exhibition pushes you around – mentally – like a rag doll, wowed by a roll call of…


Big Owl Pictures – a new Australian film studio

The former head of Warner Bros TV Aus has launched a new Australian film and TV studio.


Australian Directors' Guild announces Director's Cut conference

The ADG conference will discuss the changing role of directors within the streaming landscape and offer advice to emerging directors.


Best films and TV of 2022 – mid-year wrap

As we pass the midway point of the year, here's our monster wrap of the shows and big-screen films that…

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