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New funding for Victorian TV, film and games industry

The new Victorian Government package includes paid training on the set of the iconic TV series, Neighbours.


Hannah Carroll Chapman, Heartbreak High writer: I jumped so high my neck almost snapped

Getting to work on the rebooted – and globally successful – Netflix hit was a moment of joy and jeopardy…

Career Advice

7 Podcasts to boost your creativity

Be inspired by these podcasts about the creative process, from Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Magic Lessons' to Seth Godin's 'Akimbo'.


Screen Australia: who has received $700,000 of story development funding?

Screen Australia has named 17 feature films, two television dramas and one online feature that will receive story development funding.

Education & Student News

How to make an amazing short film: top hacks from a festival director

Make a shorter, simpler film and you can focus your resources on fewer locations, setups, and minutes to sound design,…

Education & Student News

Making a film? How to source cheap or free props and costumes

A guide to sorting out all the things that give your film its unique look: props and costumes. Even on…

Career Advice

Location scouting 101: where to shoot your film in Australia

Finding the perfect place to shoot your film in Australia can be a bit of a headache, so we've got…


Originate Factual: new initiative for Victoria's factual screen producers

Delivered under the mentorship of experienced documentary producers, Originate Factual will champion the talent of mid-career creatives.

Katie Milwright on set of Surviving Summer
Career Advice

Katie Milwright ACS on grit, gratitude and getting to the Pilbara

The award-winning Australian cinematographer talks about her 25-year career and the drive that sustains it.

Opinions & Analysis

The 180-degree rule: how to follow it ... and how to break it

A scene in The Banshees of Inisherin had people furious over its disregard for the '180 degree rule' – so…

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