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Career Advice

How to find an arts or screen mentor – and make the most of it when you do

From structured programs to coffee dates with mates, how do you find the right mentor and get the most out…


Natalie Miller Fellowship Catalyst Grant recipients named

The NMF has awarded first-ever grants to the tune of $5k to five women in the Australian screen industry.


Creatives with ADHD: how a coach can help

Artists and creatives with ADHD need particular kinds of support to thrive. Creative coach Briony Kidd knows the challenges first-hand…


Ten tips for creating a web series that cuts through the noise

Be bold, grab attention and ask for help. Good advice on making web series from writers and producers Amanda Reedy…

Career Advice

Why I’m studying… Game Design and Production at UniSA

Third-year student Emily Brown talks about her passion for 3D modelling, her pathway to study and advice for other students.

Career Advice

10 top tips on how to make your own movie

Former Director of South Seas Film School, producer, director and self-confessed movie nut, Adam Fresco offers a hands-on guide to…

Career Advice

Want to be a stunt coordinator for film and TV? Philli Anderson says: there's no average week

Philli Anderson was Australia’s first female stunt coordinator and one of the few female stunt people working in Australia. Here’s…

Education & Student News

So you want my screen job: Media & Drama Teacher

From teaching stage lighting to drama students to training other teachers to use video games in lesson plans, Brett Jenkins…


Who will receive Screen NSW's Slate Development Funding for 2023?

Another round of development funding is now available for various screen projects under Screen NSW's scheme.

Opinions & Analysis

ChatGPT and new AI screenwriting tools: insights from Screen Forever 

New technologies are always met with some level of resistance, but there are some real issues (and positives) with the…

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