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Getting real with your career - the power of a breakthrough moment

Before that first opportunity, there is often a moment when you realise the shape of your life. This is how…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: What are 'taste clusters' and how do they relate to my show?

Despite sounding like nutty treats, this term relates to the measurement of SVOD audiences. Media Mentor Esther Coleman-Hawkins explains how…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: I've forgotten how to network in real life

Online conferences were great for shy people, but now in-person events are back. Brush up on your social skills and…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: I feel sidelined to the B-team

A member of a production team on a returning series feels like others are getting ahead faster. Face up to…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: Going back to the office feels too hard!

Qualms about returning to the office are a nice problem to have for some of us. But change is hard,…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: How do I make Screen Forever online worth my while?

We all miss brunches and mingling in the bar, but online conferences can be rewarding if you show up, pay…

Career Advice

How to thrive with performance anxiety

Nerves are normal and part of our human conditioning. These simple strategies can help you shine at your next audition,…

Career Advice

Screenhub's best career articles 2020

Maintaining sanity was a key theme in this year's most popular career articles as we pivoted, pirouetted and battled Zoom-exhaustion.…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: how can I be creative when I'm so burnt out?

It's been a crappy year. Take that broken heart and make some art, says Esther Coleman-Hawkins in this ongoing series…


Be bold, be real, be rigorous: Samantha Lang on creativity and change in this weird moment

The writer, director and ADG President reflects on the stories we're going to need and the challenges facing the industry.

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