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How to build a portfolio of your creative work (and make it stand out)

Digital portfolios can seem daunting, especially if you've never made a website before. Here's how to do it in five…

Career Advice

Want to be a TV and film extra? 'There aren’t many skills required'

If you don't mind waiting around a lot, being an extra on set can be an interesting experience.


How to survive networking (without screaming into the canapés)

If you're creating something, chances are you'll need to let people know about it. Networking is therefore essential for practitioners,…


How to start and maintain an inspiration board

Starting with what inspires you might be the best way to get your ideas moving from fantasy to reality.

Megan Herbert, illustrator, writer, cartoonist and live-drawer
Career Advice

Want to be a scriptwriter? Megan Herbert says: 'just put it out there'

What's the 100-day project? And what if you've been told your artform isn't 'real' work? Meet writer and political cartoonist…

Career Advice

Want to be a writer/director? Joy Hopwood says 'start on short-term projects'

From becoming the first regular Asian presenter on Play School, to having a feature film broadcast on Channel 9, Joy…

Career Advice

Flourishing in the arts is about meaning, mastery and mattering

Committing ourselves to the path of flourishing may sound like an impossible ask – but it's not.

Career Advice

Want to be an Intimacy Coordinator? Meet Akala Newman

ICs work with actors' boundaries, exposure limits and wellbeing concerns so they can perform intimate and vulnerable scenes safely.

Career Advice

Creatives need clarity of mind – here's how to get it

Without clarity you’re directionless and progress is hard. Emmy and AACTA Award-winning producer turned creative sector executive coach Ellenor Cox…

Career Advice

Want to be a director? Erin Good says 'get a side hustle'

The screenwriter and director says if you want to direct in Australia, you have to keep making things and observing…

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