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Australian Senate

Senate rebels against its own enquiry into the ABC and SBS

Yes we will becomes no we won't in Senate ructions over the ABC and SBS complaints inquiry.

A globe of the Earth with a sun rising behind it

SBS to launch free multilingual news channel

SBS will expand its multilingual news service in 2022 with WorldWatch, a new channel including Mandarin and Arabic bulletins.

Reg Grundy with his Wheel of Fortune at Channel 9

AACTA Reg Grundy award nominations

TV pioneer Reg Grundy was a very smart business person, so his name on an award to develop game shows…

Judi Levine and Ben Lewin film, The Sessions

Judi Levine reflects on going global in a filmmaking family

Judi Levine and Ben Lewin took their family with them as they went global on their filmmaking partnership. It is…

Ita Buttrose calm about the ABC

Ita stands for democracy in ABC double inquiries

The Federal Government accidentally takes on the ABC with a Senate Inquiry and faces the full wrath of its chair.

Kerry Ehrin

Screen Forever registrations open, first speaker and mentors announced

Actual mingling on the Gold Coast is on the cards. Screen Forever ramps up again with Morning Wars' showrunner a…


TV Review: The Back Side of Television shows up Oz TV trash

Creator and host Mitch McTaggart has no reverence for Australian TV history and finds comedy in the rubbish.

Deborah Mailman glares at her boss

Princess Pictures abandons project after petition

Princess Pictures, which produced the Chris Lilley shows, has withdrawn from a new series as a result of a…

Rob Collins in Firebite on AMC+

AMC+ Launches in Australia on Apple TV and Prime

AMC+ has launched in Australia on Apple TV and Prime. SA vampire series Firebite will premiere in December.

Cast of Preppers, ABC TV

TV Review: Preppers is a raucous satire

Nakkiah Lui and Gabriel Dowrick's ABC comedy series is fully committed to its satirical targets, and it made Mel Campbell…

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