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How to build the perfect format show: from Naked Attraction to Gogglebox

Gogglebox? Dragon's Den? Naked Attraction? What kind of loon thinks of these things? His name is Tim Harcourt and he…


Meet the TV Buyers: what do they want in scripted and factual?

In two Screen Forever sessions, some key buyers in factual and scripted talked about what's rating and the gaps they're…


Showrunning, Sera Gamble and the Australian model

The US creator of TV's 'The Magicians', 'You' and 'Supernatural' talked power and intensity, while in another session local players…

Opinions & Analysis

You like them and so do we: a sampler of favourite Screenhub stories

Between Covid and the government's determination to back the free enterprise media, the sector has had its toughest year in…


Inside Screen Australia's strangest annual drama report ever

Combine the strange rules of screen production research with a pandemic and the resulting space-time ruckus is a true headache.…


The real cost of defunding the ABC

ABC funding cuts undervalue both the arts and contemporary stories in our multicultural Australia, argues Vyshnavee Wijekumar.


Gender on the agenda - Screen Australia launches the Gender Matters Taskforce 2

Behind the excitement of change is meetings, decisions, minutes and spreadsheets. This is phase two of Gender Matters.

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