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David Gulpilil doffs his hat
Opinions & Analysis

AACTA finalists prove an extraordinary year for documentary

The 2021 list of feature documentaries in the final nominee list for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts…

Eyes of a blue dragon in Raya and the Last Dragon
Opinions & Analysis

Box office: another lockdown, another glitch in the blockbuster matrix

While the box office suffers from lockdowns, Raya and the Last Dragon is doing well, despite criticism about its use…

Opinions & Analysis

Nitram vindicated at Cannes

Caleb Landry Jones is sweetly honoured by Cannes for his Nitram performance. We survey the international reviews.

Display of Netflix show ads
Opinions & Analysis

Who is winning the Australian streaming war?

Research over the last six months suggests that audiences know which streamers they like and don't want to move.

Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter smile for the camera
Opinions & Analysis

New documentary investments from Screen Australia defy financial hits

Screen Australia supports fine feature docs as life is about to get harder for producers.

Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow
Opinions & Analysis

Box office: Black Widow arrives, carrying the virus of Disney+

A female killing machine called Black Widow sweeps the world, and we love the entertainment.

Opinions & Analysis

Is your TV telling corporations what you watch? And is broadcast TV dying?

Samba, a way to digitally track viewing habits, is spreading to Australia, hoping to challenge our traditional assumptions – and…

Opinions & Analysis

Colourblind Casting: 'I've been waiting for this a long time'

When actor Ming-Zhu Hii got to play a delicious period role in 'Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries' it was a…

Opinions & Analysis

Australian documentaries, large scale or intimate, strive for a global market

How do very different companies Wildbear and Southern Pictures respond to the challenge of selling Australian stories to the world?…

Opinions & Analysis

Revelation Film Festival and the shining lights of low-budget indy art

This year, Revelation Perth International Film Festival showcases some low-budget indy adventures in true art according to director Richard Sowada.

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