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Would Netflix's Japanese show Old Enough! work in Australia?

Are Aussie toddlers savvy enough to run errands on their own with only a camouflaged film crew in tow?

Family in car with intense signed conversation

CODA deserved the Oscar as a tribute to its process

CODA is a 'fabulous celebration of difference' – David Tiley reflects on a lifetime of hearing impairment and how it…


From CODA to Hawkeye: signing onto a better future for the Deaf community

The surge of sign languages in popular feature films and TV series is a sign of better things to come…

Nostalgic love for the Harry Potter universe has become very complicated. Image: Warner Bros.
Opinions & Analysis

JK Rowling betrayed us but I'll still watch Fantastic Beasts

Is it possible to reconcile the author's views on trans women with nostalgia for the Harry Potter universe?

Opinions & Analysis

Temporary measures, uncertain future: Budget 2022-23

How best to imagine our future after floods, pandemic, war and more? It’s the challenge confronting electoral candidates across Australia…

Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond star in Stan's comedy Minx.
Opinions & Analysis

Stan comedy Minx handles feminism ... quite well actually

In the wrong hands, period pieces can reinforce sexism, racism and homophobia – not here.

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Taika Waititi's Our Flag Means Death nails queer representation

Typically gruff seafarers get tender and intimate in this new HBO Max comedy. Also, it's gay.

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Number 96 turns 50

The National Film and Sound Archive looks back at the story of Australia's first 'adults only' soap.

Opinions & Analysis

Cabaret: revisiting Bob Fosse's radical musical at 50

The Kit Kat Klub first graced the silver screen half a century ago – what lessons can it teach us…

Armoured women fighting

Box Office: Wyrmwood fights on as cinemas lick their wounds

The Aussie horror franchise joins Death on the Nile on the big screen, but total box office is probably around…

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