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Jane Campion, director of The Power of the Dog, at Canne

'The Power of the Dog' and Jane Campion triumph overseas, attracting piracy

Toronto triumph for Jane Campion, but wowsers may be after Phil Noyce for 'Lakewood'. Can't we have fun any more?

Frame from animated blue logo
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New screen tax legislation - government gives, and takes away

The Senate report into the new Tax Legislation is mostly a win, with some annoying losses

Exterior cinema, Sheffield docfest
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Sheffield DocFest implodes - what happened?

The famed Sheffield DocFest, a key destination for makers and audiences alike, is gritting its teeth against bad, bad press.

Thanks to No Money Enterprise it became cool to be from Logan City, QLD. Image supplied.
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Pasifika Pride and the power of visibility

Filmmaker Jessica Magro has many reasons to celebrate the artistic success of Pacific Islander hip-hop artists.

Ginger Meggs cartoon panel
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Less TV drama, more companies. Is this the end of the world?

Scarey numbers or evidence of tenacity? Queensland researchers capture headlines.

Young Indigenous boy next to film director in remote community.

Senate enquiry: Crunch time for docos and post-production

Opposition to government 'reforms' climaxes again in a Senate Enquiry on August 20, 2021

Young Indigenous woman with camera on desert road, a product of Screenwest and West Coast Visions.

West Coast Visions: WA is just too hard to leave

The thinking behind low budget feature scheme West Coast Visions reflects the spirit of a very unusual state.

Taika Waititi as villain in Free Guy film
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Box Office - cinemas rebranded as locations for the apocalypse

Box office opportunities for new films are nixed by ho-hum reviews and rising lockdowns.

A still from the animated feature Cryptozoo, showing as part of MIFF
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MIFF: The six films to watch, according to programmer Kate Jinx

These picks from the 2021 Melbourne International Film Festival are worth your time, and more importantly, there are tickets available.…

Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, and Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow
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Why Cate Shortland was the perfect choice for Marvel's Black Widow

Cate Shortland is not your standard gun-for-hire director, but she was the perfect choice for Black Widow, says Daryl Sparkes.

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