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Why be a producer? Sue Maslin, Owen Johnston and Gus Howard tell all

The film industry runs on good producers, though it can be a daunting role. Screenhub talked to three veterans who…

Career Advice

Building Strengths versus Improving Weaknesses

Setting an ambitious artistic career goal? Tahlia Norrish shares two prompts from the world of elite sports that will get…

Career Advice

Bystander Intervention for Freelancers

How do you speak up for the rights of others when you don't have job security? Media Mentor Esther Coleman-Hawkins…

Opinions & Analysis

Learning to leave – new programs to engage creatives with the world

In response to a globalised industry, become a professional nomad. Here's two support measures which reflect fundamental changes in the…

Opinions & Analysis

Streaming Sector's War on Residual Incomes

Making a living is tough for creatives, but residuals can be a long term income source. Now the streaming companies…

Career Advice

Cold Email Etiquette: how to ask for work

Sending that scary email could change your life. The Media Mentor shows you how, with practical templates to get you…


YouTube's mysterious 'Dust' channel and the 21st century development ladder

Australian creatives are discovering a clever track towards the mainstream through a US company building new digital pathways.

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Ask the Mentor: how do I get my first job?

Getting started is hard, but fortune favours the relentless. Also, you should get cracking on LinkedIn, says Media Mentor Esther…

Career Advice

Getting real with your career - the power of a breakthrough moment

Before that first opportunity, there is often a moment when you realise the shape of your life. This is how…

Career Advice

Ask the Mentor: What are 'taste clusters' and how do they relate to my show?

Despite sounding like nutty treats, this term relates to the measurement of SVOD audiences. Media Mentor Esther Coleman-Hawkins explains how…

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