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ABC and SBS gender affirmation leave: what it is and why it matters

Gender affirmation guidelines have recently been introduced at our national broadcasters – here's what that means for trans employees, and…

Career Advice

Want to be a director? Erin Good says 'get a side hustle'

The screenwriter and director says if you want to direct in Australia, you have to keep making things and observing…


VicScreen, Paramount and Blackfella Films partner to fast-track screen careers

The Victorian agency has announced two paid internships for early career screen professionals.

Career Advice

Screen Team: Animatronics director Paul Trefry

Our new career Q&A series kicks off with Paul Trefry's insight into being an animatronics artist.


Australian Feature Film Summit announces IRL format

The AFFS will take place in person this year, and promises to be an eye-opening screen industry experience.


Godzilla vs Kong sequel set to smash up the Gold Coast

Some 500 local screen jobs have been promised on the new Monsterverse film.

'People aren’t used to seeing Disabled people who are empowered,’ says Ade Djajamihardja. Image: Zahrah Habibullah

Disability project charts ableism in Australia's screen industry

Producer Ade Djajamihardja is determined to 'eliminate the soft bigotry of low expectations' for screen professionals with disabilities.

ScreenHub's award-winning Rascal at Large David Tiley. Image supplied.

David Tiley wins the Stanley Hawes Award

Tiley's win was announced alongside 21 nominees for the Australian International Documentary Conference Awards 2022.