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Australian Ads are still made by white people, for white people

The industry needs to get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations around race, says young Chinese-Australian producer Annie Thiele, offering suggestions…

Opinions & Analysis

See What You Made Me Do? SBS tackles Domestic Abuse Crisis

Jess Hill's gripping and essential documentary series spearheads SBS programming during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

Opinions & Analysis

Are NFTs already on the nose?

Could the stratospheric rise of NFTs be on the turn? And has this tech folly damaged the value of the…

Opinions & Analysis

The government's announcements: Screenhub reflects

"This too shall pass.' In a week of convulsive re-invention, we remember the basics.

Opinions & Analysis

Screen Australia is a pesky bunch of fanatics. True or false?

Hands off or interventionist? Maybe screen agencies are simply going with the flow as they campaign for diversity and new…

Opinions & Analysis

From Now till Then: a brief reflection on institutional racism

Kalu Oji gives the perspective of an African-Australian film school graduate.

Opinions & Analysis

Exports can double size of sector, claims Screen Producers Australia

SPA pushes harder on export policy, which is a different can of hopes and worms.

Opinions & Analysis

What the arts can learn from Black Lives Matter

To really change the arts, we need to change arts leadership. Travis de Vries thinks we should make bigger systemic…

Opinions & Analysis

TV has changed, so must the way we support local content

One of the four regulatory approaches to television content is a new Australian Production Fund. Here is an argument in…

Opinions & Analysis

Regional media get COVID lifeline but ABC, SBS remain in peril

The federal government has announced a package to help regional media through the coronavirus crisis. But our national broadcasters have…

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