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Tyler Bern, Que Minh Luu, Amanda Duthie

Fast-tracking new Australian projects to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Stan

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and Screen Australia have announced a new Pitch on Demand initiative.

Ling Ang, MIFF XR grant recipient

Ling Ang talks dreams, documentary, and the MIFF XR grant

With the MIFF XR grant provided by Ang Ling, audiences will be able to explore a digital version of the…

Natalie Marinho

XR:WA celebration tempts Perth to surrender to new worlds

Perth's XR:WA breaks down the barriers between linear, interactive and games storytelling over one weekend of play.

The Commons, Stan

Australia's richest sci-fi screenwriting prize is open for entries

The John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science Fiction Writing offers $10,000 for the best produced script and professional support…

Opinions & Analysis

Can technology help us empathise?

Technology doesn't have to a barrier to human connection; it can be harnessed to combat everything from mental health struggles…


AIDC Zooms into its own inaugural awards program

For the documentary community, The Australian Dream is more than a fine picture suffused with controlled rage from Stan Grant.…


Every Australian and NZ games event happening in 2021, an ongoing list

From esports to indie to industry, here's a rolling list of the games-related events taking place in Australia and New…

Opinions & Analysis

You like them and so do we: a sampler of favourite Screenhub stories

Between Covid and the government's determination to back the free enterprise media, the sector has had its toughest year in…


Huge project, small company - how Phoria uses AR to help repair the world

Putting a polar bear into your living room – Augmented Reality, a small Australian company and the rewilding of the…


Videogames have a conflict mineral problem

Violence in Central Africa is so bound up with the minerals used in consumer tech, some call it the PlayStation…


SA announces groundbreaking rebate for games industry

In a nation-first, the South Australian state government has extended the state's post-production, digital and visual effects (PDV) rebate to…

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