Virtual reality to improve wellbeing via Liminal VR

Melbourne-based studio Liminal VR is working to use virtual, augmented and mixed reality to create meaningful experiences.
liminal vr

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies aren’t new – but the understanding of their potential is. In recent years, companies have begun to explore exactly how these technologies can be used to better the lives of people, in terms of mental and physical health, and also through education. Liminal VR is one Australian company currently working in the space and it has plans to redefine with these experiences can be.

Based in Melbourne, Liminal VR is currently creating a number of bespoke training simulations, as well as clinical and marketing experiences for ‘a wide range of clients’, according to Damian Moratti, CEO and co-founder of the company. One of these projects, which helps train managers in how to reduce psychosocial harm in the workplace, has been funded by WorkSafe Victoria.

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