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Meredith from the video game, Lake

Game Review: Lake is serene, focussed, and authentic

Lake is a meditative character study that exhibits great confidence with its ebbs and flows.

Key art for Wrestledunk Sports

Game Review: Wrestledunk Sports sparks party-like joy, even amidst a pandemic

The South Australian-made Wrestledunk Sports pits players against each other in games that can leave everyone roaring with laughter.

Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard in Annette

Film Review: 'Annette' is an exhilarating masterpiece

Annette is an inventive and audacious musical collaboration between auteur Leos Carax and pop pioneers Sparks.

The poster for videogame Twelve Minutes (12 Minutes)

Game Review - Twelve Minutes mistakes shock for substance

An A-list Hollywood cast can't help the fact that Twelve Minutes ultimately has nothing of value to say.

Clickbait on Netflix

TV Review: Netflix 'Clickbait' is polished pulp storytelling

The Melbourne-made Netflix series is bingeworthy, shocking, but a little hollow, writes Anthony Morris

Psychonauts 2 key art

Game Review: Psychonauts 2 flaunts a wonderfully bizarre world

Psychonauts 2 features the same high caliber of fantastically unusual environments and characters that made the original a cult classic.

Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect Strangers

TV Review: 'Nine Perfect Strangers' gets lost in tasteful catharsis

Filmed in lush Byron Bay, this star-stuffed mystery is an acting masterclass. If only it would embrace its weirdness, says…

Tiriki Onus in Ablaze

MIFF Film Review: Ablaze reframes our artistic past with affection and passion

Ablaze utilises incredible archival footage to redress the gaps of the Australian artistic industry’s shameful and largely un-interrogated past.

A woman stares into the Phantom Abyss

Review: Phantom Abyss - A promising mixture of movement and mystery

The kinetic experience of making your way through hazard-filled temples in Phantom Abyss makes us eager to see what else…

Still from Paper City, courtesy MIFF

MIFF Film Review: Paper City pays tribute to survivors of neglected tragedy

Australian filmmaker Adrian Francis tries to understand the firebombing of Tokyo in this MIFF Premiere Fund documentary.

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