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The Girlfriend Experience: the sexual interface in three seasons

A series that's far better than the movie that spawned it, Adrian Martin especially enjoys the speculative sci-fi of the…


Massive cross-culture ‘season’ rethinks UK/Aus connection and histories

The UK/Australia Season is the largest cultural exchange between our two nations, one aimed to shake up how we think…

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How a creative inkling can become an exciting career change

A career in screen production isn't as far-fetched as you might expect, provided you take the opportunity to refine that…


You Should Watch... Eden on Stan

This mystery from an all female writing team is more treasure than trash, says journalist Rochelle Siemienowicz.


International franchises love filming in ‘Aussiewood’ — but the local industry is booming too

It may seem the current boom is led by the strong growth locally-filmed international productions. But more than 80% of…


You should watch... Physical on Apple TV+

Are you looking for something to fill the GLOW-shaped hole in your life? We have you covered, with this new…


Film Review: Rhapsody of Love is a warm and diverse rom-com

Billed as the first Asian-Australian rom-com, Joy Hopwood’s ‘Crazy Middle-Class Asians’ bridges a big gap in the industry, says Andy…


Flashback: The rise and fall of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player was once installed on 99% of internet-connected desktop PCs, but as of January 2021, it's totally defunct.…


Six First Nations films receive over $600k production funding through ‘No Ordinary Black’ initiative

More First Nations stories are heading to Australian screens in 2022, with Screen Australia and NITV announcing the six films…


‘Cyberpunk 2077’ back on PlayStation Store after six-month suspension, with a warning

The controversial 'Cyberpunk 2077' has reappeared on the PlayStation Store, six months after Sony removed it from sale due to…

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