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ICYMI: the week in arts

From poetry slam to collecting performance art; new funding models in both NSW and VIC, and an upset at the…

Opinions & Analysis

First Nations leadership is about letting go, and holding on

Indigenous professionals discuss what First Nations leadership looks like, and why it might offer a more viable model for bringing…

Opinions & Analysis

A Lesson from Gen X women to Gen Y creatives

From mentorship to resilience, patience and power, Gen X women have learnt to navigate our male-dominated world for change –…


Disability access versus disability-led?

Our greatest hurdle today is recognising the shift needed from disability access and awareness, to disability-led and employment.


Turning our phones off for creative inner health

Author Sebastian Smee, musician Holly Throsby and tech psychologist Jocelyn Brewer agree when it comes to switching off to embrace…


ICYMI: A wrap of this week’s arts news

Aboriginal art in NYC, success at Perth Festival, objections to proposed amalgamation of WA orgs, and new projects for Barangaroo,…


Disability Arts: the last avant-garde?

Is it a movement or a right? A disability-led panel takes the pulse on aligning rhetoric and action when it…


ICYMI: this week’s arts news in brief

From unpaid artists to Election policies, Museum Week wisdoms, coups in the festival sector, and grant rounds announced ... it's…


Wellness as the new disruptor

Technology use is leading a wellness revolution and more authentic place making according to speakers at REMIX Sydney.

Opinions & Analysis

NAVA responds to persistent NSW political interference

Coinciding with a national call out for greater artistic courage, NAVA also responds to continued political interference in arts decisions…

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