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Diversity in Australian Media

'We need to push organisations to change how they form relationships.' Image: Shutterstock.

Resisting performative activism in the arts

A call to move away from superficial efforts at inclusion and bring about meaningful change in how community engagement and…

Priya Roy and Pearl Tan
Opinions & Analysis

How intersectionality can help screen storytellers

What is 'intersectionality'? Pearl Tan and Priya A. Roy explain the concept and how it can make for better stories…

Here Out West film review

Film Review: Here Out West is more than diverse

The anthology film by CALD writers and directors, offers Sydney characters that are grounded and real.

Miranda Otto and Aina Dumlao in The Unusual Suspects
Opinions & Analysis

The Unusual Suspects: damaging for Filipino stories

Gloria Demillo advocates for meaningful community engagement and dignified representation.

Thanks to No Money Enterprise it became cool to be from Logan City, QLD. Image supplied.
Opinions & Analysis

Pasifika Pride and the power of visibility

Filmmaker Jessica Magro has many reasons to celebrate the artistic success of Pacific Islander hip-hop artists.

Writers selected for the initiative

Sixteen diverse new writers announced for ScreenHub and ArtsHub

We'll be publishing fresh perspectives from these 16 writers in the coming months, as part of an ongoing initiative with…

Opinions & Analysis

Australian Ads are still made by white people, for white people

The industry needs to get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations around race, says young Chinese-Australian producer Annie Thiele, offering suggestions…


Film Review: My Name is Gulpilil captures the legacy of a star

Gulpilil takes centre stage one last time in a meditative portrait of one of our most complex, brilliant and important…

Opinions & Analysis

Dear White Screen Industry...

Championing diversity without dismantling institutional racism is like putting up a 'safe to dive' sign without doing any work to…


Film Review: Dawn Raid - Southside and the Polynesian Sound

Documenting the rise of the legendary Polynesian record label in 90s' and 00's Aotearoa/NZ against a backdrop of racism, this…

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