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Cult of the Lamb from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital

Cult of the Lamb: a look behind the scenes with Melbourne's Massive Monster

Melbourne studio Massive Monster shares the ethos behind Cult of the Lamb, a folk-horror base-building dungeon-crawler.

State Theatre, Sydney Film Festival

Australian Film Festivals Guide 2021

With Tasmania primed for its festival, a new piece of Cinefest Oz emerging and a shifting Sydney Film Festival, we…

A Bugsnax screenshot featuring a grumpus holding a bugsnax.

You should play... Bugsnax, by Young Horses

Monster Hunter x Frog Detective x body horror? It's Bugsnax! Don't think about it too hard!

Noni Hazlehurst

Noni Hazlehurst on what Australia really thinks about old people

The much-loved Australian actor talks about her new SBS project tackling stigma around ageing.

Young Indigenous woman with camera on desert road, a product of Screenwest and West Coast Visions.

West Coast Visions: WA is just too hard to leave

The thinking behind low budget feature scheme West Coast Visions reflects the spirit of a very unusual state.


Teaching in isolation is intense: Four perspectives

A VFX animation teacher, primary school teacher and two academics talk about their experience and give tips for survival.

Indigenous actress Rarriwuy Hick looks seriously at the camera

On ‘True Colours’ and creating Indigenous genre mashups

As True Colours goes into production around Alice Springs, we delve into the origins of the idea.

Troy Lum close up, looking boyish

The next leap for the man who started Hopscotch Films

Troy Lum, formerly of Hopscotch Films, is back in action with two new companies - Brouhaha and Kismet.

Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan in This Way Up S2

Five feel-good shows to watch during the latest lockdown

Forget crime and superheroes. These four TV shows plus one feature film focus on laughter, strong characters and the meaning…

Jane Friedhoff’s Lost Wage Rampage is a playful, political look at girlhood.

What can games tell us about girlhood?

From Life is Strange to The Walking Dead to Lost Wage Rampage, videogames can depict girlhood in groundbreaking, complex ways.

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