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The Reef: Stalked – Andrew Traucki on why his shark flick tackles domestic violence

The Reef: Stalked is a 'sequel in name only' to Traucki's 2010 shark-attack horror film. This time, the shark acts…


Parenting in the screen age: I want my kids to feel loneliness and boredom

As kids and adults live increasingly through their screens, what messages are we sending to those we love IRL?


I birthed Toadie from Neighbours and now must say goodbye

From a bogan with 50 words an episode to Erinsborough's local lawyer – Toadie's creator pays tribute to the man,…


The Love Witch and feminism: Q&A with director Anna Biller

'When I was growing up, I didn't see contemporary movies that were about the female figures I emulated.' Enter The…


Be more creative: six practical steps to build imagination

Read, write, doodle and try these other steps for recharging and enhancing your creativity.

People standing in a James Turrell light artwork

ACMI’s latest exhibition unpacks light as both phenomena and subject

ACMI's new light exhibition pushes you around – mentally – like a rag doll, wowed by a roll call of…


Better Call Saul – what happens to Kim?

Will Kim Wexler, that final loose end, perish like the rest? Or can we hope for more for Rhea Seehorn's…


The Umbrella Academy is a masterclass in adaptation

The Netflix series changes and expands on its source material to create something that is clearly an adaptation but also…

Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose. Image: Icon Films.

Show no merci: 10 French Films that slay for Bastille Day

Film and France go hand in hand, so kick back and enjoy these terrific examples of filmmaking at its very…


The name's Bond? Director Matthew Bauer discusses his 007-related doco

The Australian director hopes to leave audiences shaken and stirred by asking what life is like for those nominally bonded…

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