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Screenwriters: the SBS Emerging Writers' Incubator is back

If you're an early career screenwriter looking for a head start in the industry, the SBS Emerging Writers' Incubator is…

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Want to be a director? Erin Good says 'get a side hustle'

The screenwriter and director says if you want to direct in Australia, you have to keep making things and observing…

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Paddy MacRae, showrunner: 'Start by making a killer cup of tea'

The showrunner life is made up of early starts, late nights, and not a lot of free time. But it's…

A man, Destin Daniel-Cretton, sits in a dark room and looks directly into the camera

Shang-Chi director offers a masterclass at UNTAPPED 2022

UNTAPPED has announced a new program for undiscovered Australian screenwriters and directors.


Six careers hatched in Emerging Writers' Incubator. Who benefits?

Six writers, six production companies, one initiative – the Emerging Writers' Incubator seems almost normal.


Nine-day writing retreat for West Australian screenwriters

A joint initiative from Cinefest Oz and Women in Film and TV, the generous retreat promises nourishing peace and creative…


SBS, Screen Australia co-fund three year program to foster diverse screenwriting talent

The Emerging Screenwriters' Incubator will be run in partnership with screen bodies, providing 18 diverse screenwriters with employment in top…


AWGIES 2020 bow down to a one-woman theatre show

Suzie Miller's quietly spectacular international career in theatre, informed by an education in science, law and theatre, adds a prime…