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River and mountain vista

Brisbane International Film Festival unscarred by COVID

The Brisbane International Film Festival is back, running live to remind us that Queensland survived Covid very well.

Two investigators, big ships, watching cops

Hoodlum Entertainment – from the dole to a global company

Hoodlum Entertainment built a modest empire from financial caution, great ideas and a mind for digital storytelling.

Screenshot from Phantom Abyss by Team WIBY, published by Devolver Digital

Phantom Abyss is online multiplayer without the scheduling nightmare

Team WIBY's Ben Marrinan explains how they developed Phantom Abyss for a generation who treats games as a digital living…


News in Brief: Major film festival updates, La Brea films in Vic, and Epic lawsuit continues

It's a big week for film festivals with a new director for BIFF, MIFF opening apps for 37 South Market…


Captain America: Civil War

Dissecting an ideological divide among superheroes, Captain America: Civil War thrillingly balances heaviness, heart, and humour.



Part homage, part subversion, Lyle proves a thrilling and gripping updating of a tale first told in Rosemary's Baby.


Coming Home

The reunion of director Zhang Yimou and actress Gong Li is just one of many in elegant but melodramatic historical…


The Owners

A surreal telling of life and land in Kazakhstan, steeped in both tragedy and comedy.



Familiar in form but effective in impact, Iranian drama Melbourne dreams big but stays small in its domestic drama.


White Reindeer

Zach Clark’s different kind of holiday film looks at the unhappy flipside of what is supposed to be the merriest…

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