The Stranger, with Joel Edgerton, at MIFF 2022: director interview

Writer-director Thomas M Wright discusses his new film, in competition at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

When you hear the word IMAX, there’s a fair chance your mind immediately wanders to the blockbusters so often fronted by Disney: the MCU and the Star Wars movies. But Thomas M. Wright, the writer/director behind Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) competition highlight The Stranger, thinks we are underestimating the potential of the form.

So much so that four years ago, after his MIFF Premiere-funded debut feature Acute Misfortune wowed MIFF crowds, he lobbied for the elegiac adaptation of Erik Jensen’s award-winning Adam Cullen biography, hauntingly captured in the Academy ratio, to be projected on the giant screen housed at Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens.

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