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A young woman lies in bed with a concerned, confused look on her face, next to a very worn-looking duck teddy, in a publicity still for Such Brave Girls on Stan.

Such Brave Girls, Stan review: scorching comedy

Comedian Kat Sadler lays her darkest hours on the line in this acerbic, ferociously funny show that tackles mental health…


Late Night with the Devil review: ferociously fun horror

The new retro horror from Australian brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes pits an excellent ensemble cast against 70s gore.


You'll Never Find Me review: Australian nerve-fraying horror

A barefoot young woman knocks on a caravan door in the dead of night, setting the scene for skin-crawling tension.


Ricky Stanicky review: enjoyable US romp – with Melbourne gum trees

Peter Farrelly's Australian-shot comedy offers everything you might want in the way of silly distraction.


The Rooster review: Hugo Weaving and Phoenix Raei tussle in the woods in startling debut

In debut feature The Rooster, writer/director Mark Leonard Winter explores wounded masculinity mired in the mud.


Masters of the Air, Apple TV+ review: mind-blowing battles

The cast might be unwieldy, but this WWII drama series from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks really soars when it…


Dance Life, Prime review: Australian reality show boosts the soul

The Sydney-based docuseries rewards real talent and delivers on genuinely spectacular choreography.


Priscilla review: top performances in imperfect film

Cailee Spaeny and Australian actor Jacob Elordi shine in Sofia Coppola's biopic of Priscilla Presley.


All of Us Strangers review: a beautiful, haunting lullaby of a film

Weekend director Andrew Haigh one-ups that lovelorn tale of lost souls in a film that will leave you aching for…


Total Control Season 3, ABC review: dynamite

Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths excel in the opening episodes of the political thriller’s final run.

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