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A searing pain from the past cuts deep into the present. Image: Fan Force.

Little Tornadoes review: Christos Tsiolkas co-writes a rewarding film

Aaron Wilson’s emotionally complex feature explores the long shadow of war in 1970s Australia.

Easy answers give way to complicated and confronting questions. Image: A24.

After Yang review: a remarkable vision of humanity

American-based filmmaker Kogonada (Columbus) spins a fascinating take on an age-old obsession in this beautifully melancholic film.


The Northman review: a monumental achievement

A marvellously menacing rite of passage, The Northman is not to be missed.


When the Camera Stopped Rolling: giving Lilias Fraser the recognition she deserves

Lilias Fraser is a name all Australian film buffs should know – her daughter Jane Castle delivers a fitting tribute…

Michelle Yeoh cements her reputation as a living legend. Image: Roadshow.

Everything Everywhere All at Once review: bonkers but brilliant

If you’ve somehow snoozed on Michelle Yeoh’s career, this demented and hugely enjoyable film is a great place to start.

Peter Dinklage exudes kilowatt charisma in this adaptation of the hit off-Broadway musical. Image: Universal Pictures.

Film Review: Cyrano still shines brightly

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage offers a new take on the lovelorn hero of this enduring tragicomic romance.

Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) faces Batman (RobertPattinson - a masked man against a city backdrop

The Batman review: a return on a staggering scale

In this epic rendering, Robert Pattinson understands that both Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight wear masks.

Joaquin Phoenix and actor Woody Norman in a still from C'mon C'mon.

C’mon C’mon review: life isn't always black and white

Mike Mill's latest film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is a big-hearted, if sometimes flawed, affair.


Death on the Nile review: it lacks life

Why do some Agatha Christie adaptations steam ahead while others run aground? Maybe it depends whodunnit?

Collage with plaster antique sculpture of human face in a pop art style. Modern creative concept image with ancient statue head. Zine culture. Contemporary art poster. Funky minimalism. Retro design.

Explainer: what are NFTs and how do they work for films?

Confused? Don't be. NFTs are likely here to stay, not least in the film and TV industry. Let us explain…