Paramount+: new shows streaming February 2024

From A Bloody Lucky Day to The Family Stallone – your guide to the best new shows to stream on Paramount+ this month.

Have a Paramount+ account but don’t know what to watch? Our guide to new shows to stream on the platform this month is here to help.

1 Feb

A Bloody Lucky Day

Series. In this new South Korean thriller a chronically unlucky taxi driver agrees to drive a mysterious man to a distant city for a very high fare, only to discover his passenger is a serial killer.

4 Feb

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Film. Installment number seven of the film franchise follows a new faction of Transformers known as the Maximals. Stars Anthony Ramos and Luna Lauren Velez.

8 Feb

Halo – Season 2

An elite team of Spartans follows Master Chief John-117 to confront alien threat known as the Covenant. Stars Pablo Schreiber.

10 Feb

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation – Season 7

We’re back with the former cast members of the popular TV show Jersey Shore, who come together again to share holidays.

Dora: Say Hola to Adventure

Dora and her friends are all set for a series of magical adventures in the rainforest.

13 Feb

NCIS – Season 21

Torres gambles everything when he confronts the man who terrorised his family when he was growing up, but – naturally – the NCIS team is there to help.

NCIS: Hawai’i – Season 3

New adventures await the team of Naval criminal investigators on the Hawaiian islands.

The Neighbourhood – Season 6

We’re back in Los Angeles with Dave and the Johnsons as they try to get used to their new lives outside the Midwest.

Willie Nelson & Family

Documentary exploring the life and loves of the iconic musician, from his humble beginnings in Texas to global stardom.

14 Feb

FBI – Season 6

An explosion on a bus kills innocent passengers and the team responds quickly in their search for the terrorists behind the blast.

FBI: International – Season 3

The team has plenty to deal with after a huge explosion devastates their headquarters.

FBI: Most Wanted – Season 5

The team races against the clock to untangle a dangerous new mystery.

15 Feb

100 Days to Indy

This six-part documentary series goes behind the scenes with the key players in the NTT IndyCar Series in the run up to the Indianapolis 500.

16 Feb

Ghosts – Season 3

The otherworldly inhabitants of Woodstone Mansion return.

So Help Me Todd – Season 2

Todd and Margaret need to take a long hard look at their working relationship when Todd says he’s opening his own PI business.

17 Feb

Blue Blood – Season 14, Part One

The fourteenth and final season of the long-running police series starring Tom Selleck as New York police commissioner Frank Reagan.

Fire Country – Season 2

Bode finds himself back in prison, threatening to upend his newfound sense of direction.

22 Feb

The Family Stallone – Season 2

The Family Stallone. Image: Paramount+.

The return of the reality TV series about the famous Stallone family. With their daughters now living away from them in New York and Miami, Sly and Jen try to get used to life in Palm Beach as empty nesters.

27 Feb

Big Nate – Season 2 B

The small-screen adaptation of the bestselling children’s book and comic strip returns, delving deeper into the stories of Nate’s friends and family.

28 Feb

Rock Paper Scissors

Animated series. Rock, Paper and Scissors are best friends and roommates bound by their love for wild competitions with more than a touch of the absurd.

As We Speak: Rap Music on Trial

Documentary exploring the long-term practice by law enforcement of using sing rappers’ lyrics as evidence in criminal cases.

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