DocPlay: new films streaming this week

Your guide to what's new to stream on DocPlay from 10 to 16 June in Australia.
Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense. Image: DocPlay

New to streaming this week

Helicopter Warfare (10 June)

Featuring stories from the Vietnam, Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Helicopter Warfare tells the stories of some of the most daring helicopter missions of all time.

Stop Making Sense (4K) (13 June)

Newly restored in 4K to coincide with its 40th anniversary, the 1984 film was directed by renowned filmmaker Jonathan Demme and is considered by critics to be the greatest concert film of all time.

The Art of Silence (13 June)

The first feature-length documentary about Marcel Marceau and his work, which inspired and accompanied several generations of artists.

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Added recently to DocPlay

Rats in the Ranks (27 May)

Rats In The Ranks: Larry Hand, Former Lord Mayor Of Sydney's Leichhardt Council With Filmmakers Bob Connolly And Robin Anderson. Supplied.
Rats in the Ranks: Larry Hand, former Lord Mayor of Sydney’s Leichhardt Council with filmmakers Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson. Image: DocPlay.

This remarkable 1996 film takes a behind-locked-doors look at how politicians get the numbers. Every September, Sydney’s Leichhardt Council elects its mayor. Incumbent Larry Hand was popular with citizenry, but they don’t vote for the position of mayor – the 12 councillors do – and after three years of Larry some of them are after his job. Directed by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson.

Facing the Music (27 May)

In their fifth major film together, acclaimed documentary makers Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson step inside the halls of Sydney University’s Music Department, where sublime music is being made in a setting that’s far from serene.

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