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Beyond: marching towards the horizon, preview disks in hand..

Recent sales after MIPTV ensure mean that you can go to very, very obscure parts of the planet and be…

Company Announcements

AFTRS producing: its Peter Herbert

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) has appointed Peter Herbert as Head of Producing.

Company Announcements

Project Greenlight: back and badder

One young filmmaker. One million dollars. The opportunity of a lifetime. MOVIE EXTRA today announced the launch of Project Greenlight…

Company Announcements

SPAA: early announcements about powerful visitor

Cathy Schulman, producer of this year’s Academy Award Best Picture Crash, is the first Keynote Speaker to be confirmed for…

Company Announcements

SPAA welcomes budget initiatives for the industry

Here is the SPAA press release about the budget.

Company Announcements

The European circuit: FFC forum

FFC forum to discuss MIP/MILIA/MIPDOC 2006 - in Sydney, this thursday night. it promises to be full of excellent observations…

Company Announcements

Karina Holden: to Southern Star

Southern Star has recruited independent producer and director Karina Holden, seen most recently around Becker Entertainment. Once the kerfuffle of…

Company Announcements

Kokoda: producers happy with results

'Kokoda' has taken over a million dollars in the first week, on 76 screens, which has now risen to 98.…

Company Announcements

Nifty little film

'Wedding Sari Showdown' is on SBS tonight at 7.30. This is a blatant plug.




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