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Is it time to upskill your creative business know-how?

The Compton School, founded in 2017, delivers creative business insight for the arts industry via tailored graduate certificates.

Career Advice

Flourishing in the arts is about meaning, mastery and mattering

Committing ourselves to the path of flourishing may sound like an impossible ask – but it's not.

Man (Paul Fletcher) examining ceramic works of a woman (Judith Inkamala) in an art gallery
Opinions & Analysis

Opinion: We don’t take the arts sector for granted

Standing on their record for the arts, Paul Fletcher offers his ideas for the future of the arts should they…

A man (Tony Burke) at a podium.

What Labor promised the screen sector

Ahead of last weekend's general election, incoming Minister for the Arts Tony Burke shared his ideas on arts and culture.


Labor promises new cultural policy ahead of election

Instead of announcing an arts policy prior to Saturday’s election, the ALP has pledged to develop a national cultural policy…

A woman on stage in a ruff lhas strings so she she is suspended like a puppet
Opinions & Analysis

Your vote for who controls arts boards

Arts and screen boards are being stacked with political appointments just when they need vision and diversity.

'We need to push organisations to change how they form relationships.' Image: Shutterstock.

Resisting performative activism in the arts

A call to move away from superficial efforts at inclusion and bring about meaningful change in how community engagement and…

Letting go can help with hanging on. Image: Shutterstock.
Career Advice

Creatives: control what you can and can what you can't

Identify those things that are within your control and those that are not.

Opinions & Analysis

Temporary measures, uncertain future: Budget 2022-23

How best to imagine our future after floods, pandemic, war and more? It’s the challenge confronting electoral candidates across Australia…

No new money was allocated to Screen Australia for the period of the 2022-2023 Budget. image: Shutterstock

Screen support stalls while RISE funding offers a rare budget positive

No new money is allocated to Screen Australia for the period covered by Budget 2022–2023.

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