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T-Blockers review: body horror and the trans experience

With delicious body horror, vibrant colour aesthetics, and layers-upon-layers of metatext, T-Blockers achieves something amazing with its tiny budget.


3 Body Problem, Netflix review: it must be seen

The epic sci-fi adaptation from the creators of Game of Thrones is always absorbing ... and sometimes staggering.

Leah Purcell and Aaron Pederson in High Country. Image: Binge.

High Country, Binge review: dark and potent crime drama

The Victorian-shot series starring Leah Purcell stands out from the pack with its authentically shady sense of place.


Lyd review: a must-see Palestinian documentary

Lyd is the story of a city that once connected Palestine to the world – and what it could have…


The Nut Farm, film review: agreeably silly Australian comedy

Nut jokes abound, but in a family-friendly way, in Arj Barker's new comedy.


Apples Never Fall, Binge review: a big twist inward

Red herrings, ticking mysteries and fluffy tennis balls combine in the series adaptation of Liane Moriarty's bestselling novel.


Population 11, Stan review: a comedy-mystery winner

Stan's new 12-part, WA-shot series is beautifully paced and extremely bingeable.


You'll Never Find Me review: Australian nerve-fraying horror

A barefoot young woman knocks on a caravan door in the dead of night, setting the scene for skin-crawling tension.


How to Have Sex review: a murky, affecting coming of age

Molly Manning Walker's debut coming-of-age feature is a nuanced look at rites of passage and consent.


Ricky Stanicky review: enjoyable US romp – with Melbourne gum trees

Peter Farrelly's Australian-shot comedy offers everything you might want in the way of silly distraction.

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