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First line-up announcement for the Boomerang Festival

The new Indigenous arts and culture Boomerang Festival has just announced its first acts for the program.


Winner announced for Anne Landa Award 2013

Angelica Mesiti has won the new media award for Citizens Band, exploring he lives of four ordinary people who make…


Have your say in Regional Arts survey

Regional Arts Australia is asking people to fill out an online survey to help shape the future of regional communities.


Shocking collapse in gaming industry

New ABS figures provide hard evidence of the scale of the collapse in the games industry but 10 companies have…


Hearts and Minds: punters explain why Australian content rools

Research goes beyond the usual statistical breakdowns to document some conversations with Australians about local content.


Top five female animators at MIAF

The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) proves there is no shortage of female talent; we pick five greats.


Computer Chess

At first glance, Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess seems simple, charting the unglamorous battle of man and machine.


>[sdc]< (Simon Currie)

Contemporary visual artist Simon Currie, also known as >[sdc]< is a Sydney-based painter, photographer and printmaker.


Art outlasts Darwin's dampest

Contrary to popular belief, the arts aren't swept away during Darwin's wet season.


Portuguese auteur Miguel Gomes to head Cannes Critics’ Week jury

Portuguese writer-director and former film critic Miguel Gomes (‘Tabu’) will preside over Cannes Critics’ Week Grand Prize this year.

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