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Richard Bell on ‘You Can Go Now’ documentary

Following five decades of activism and art, the artist is now the subject of a new documentary.

People standing in a James Turrell light artwork

ACMI’s latest exhibition unpacks light as both phenomena and subject

ACMI's new light exhibition pushes you around – mentally – like a rag doll, wowed by a roll call of…


Getty gets real with useful guidebook for LGBTIQ+ storytelling

The world-leading stock photo and footage supplier has partnered with advocacy group GLAAD to challenge clichéd visual stereotypes


Facebook ban to lift but can we trust them again?

The Facebook news ban is being lifted but what did the shutdown mean for small arts organisations and publishers who…


Visions 2020 full program sets sights on the future of the arts

Our online conference will make sense of 2020 and think through the arts as an essential part of the ‘new…


What We're Watching: November

From Fargo to The Crown, The Queen's Gambit, an accessible Irish Film Festival and the puzzling new game Baba is…


Glendyn Ivin's Hotel Quarantine: a strange sense of freedom

We asked the prolific Australian director and photographer about his two weeks alone in a room with a camera, his…


Think tank: can virtual production transform screen budgets?

Virtual production is an amazing toy for the big end of production, but a panel at Screen Makers sees wider…


How to have a screen career – ten tips that really matter

Ten ways to be part of the future. Because the COVID hiatus will be history.


Media diversity: the awful truth about our newsrooms

New research shines the cold light of reality on who gets to tell us what's important in TV news and…

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